About Us

We are India’s first e-commerce platform which is dedicated only for SWADESHISM. We want 1.3 billion people to start differentiate between products of Indian origin & foreign origin.

 We at swadeshibabu.com wishes that our fellow countrymen should develop a habit of purchasing products, services from only other fellow countrymen. We are in the market to attain both SWARTH as well as PARMARTH. We want to embrace, celebrate swadeshism to strengthen Indian economy by giving marketing, advertising platform to cottage industry, MAHILA UDYOG SANG. So they can earn more and expand their business as well. Rural women should become the bread winner.

We are not like other e-commerce website in the market, they are here just to do business & earn lots of money. We are here to start movement with mission in mind which will end up in economic revolution, by giving nationwide marketing exposure to small & medium scale Indian manufactures which will give them financial backup to take up the challenge of international market players.

Our organization’s platform is only available for products/brands of Indian origin.

Be Indian, Buy Indian, Support Indian..!

Our Vision

To change the habit of Indians of owning foreign goods & be proud of it.

We at swadeshibabu wishes that all Indians should never buy a product of foreign brand which is also available in the market by Indian brand, because even  if we don’t buy from our countrymen then who else will….?

Our Mission

To start the SWADESHI MOVEMENT 2.0 and ignite the fire of patriotism in every Indian by urging them to use Indian products. We will empower Indian manufacturing sector by providing them global market platform.

We want 1.3 billion people should be proud of buying & using SWADESHI products.

Our Inspiration

On 31st July 1921, Mahatma Gandhiji  lit bonfire of a British manufactured cloth in  Bombay. Gandhiji called it a YADNYA.

During Swadeshi movement of 1918, Mahatma Gandhiji spread the thought of self reliance, soul fullness to all over INDIA. Having objective of producing products locally as well as using them. Sabarmati ashram started  manufacturing khadi ….a revolution.

A small experiment became the way for prosperity.