Why Buy From Us?

Before answering this very important question, let me ask few……why india is third world country? Why are OUR exports less than imports? Apart from crude oil from gulf countries, do we really need to import products from China, America, Japan, Europe?

Unpleasant questions…..right. to find the answer lets dive deep in history…

India’s share of world economy at the time British arrived on it’s shores was 23%,  by the time they left it was down to 4%.


Why this happens?

Because we were govern by the British. Britain’s industrial rise was financed by the depredation in India. For example The handloom  weavers in india was famed around the world for thousand years, Britain came broke their looms, cut their thumbs, imposed tariff, taxes & duties on products. Then they started taking raw material from india & shipping back manufactured cloth flooding the market all over the world. India went from exporter of world famous cloth to importer of  manufactured cloth.  By the end of the 19th century india became britains biggest cash cow, worlds biggest purchaser of british goods. & india became the source of highly paid employment in England.

Now, come to the present.


Why India’s  trade is in deficit with most of the first world countries?

There are no british here to govern us……then what is the problem now?

It’s our herd mentality……. we buy Chinese electrical goods on our festival because they are cheap at first instance. We forget  that these products are not at all long lasting. Over the period of time we end up spending more money. Same thing with toys.

Apart from crude oil, do we (as in country) really need to import anything which we common people use in our day today life?

Plastic, fertilizers, textiles, agricultural products, pharmaceutical, vehicles we at swadeshibabau.com believes that we don’t need to import all these things.

We are 5000 year old civilization, we literally  taught agriculture to the world. But now we import fertilizers, agricultural products?

We are fourth highest cotton producing country in the world, but still we import textile material?

We at swadeshibabu.com thinks, this is unacceptable. We 1.3 billion people can change this. We just have to lose our herd mentality.  Think about economic growth of  INDIA. Buy products/services of Indian origin only.


There are many advantages of swadeshism, prominent are :

Money stays in India, if we all start buying local products/brands/services

Purchasing local products/brands/services will end up having wealthy manufacturing sector which will results in heavy reduction of unemployment so embrace swadeshism for your future generations.

Higher  profits of our fellow Indian will result in more revenue for government of india as well as all the other state government.

The money saved from locally produced goods can be invested back in local businesses which will further improve the quality of products/brands/services

In other simple words… Supposes
You are big farmland owner (Rs.1000 cost)
You are cultivating many foods in your farm (Rs.800)
You are also good tractor driver too (Rs.100)
You are good hard working labour too (Rs.70)
You sold all your farm products @Rs.5000 and made handsome profit of whole Rs.5000.

Now imagine your cost if you are not the owner or farmer or the driver or the labour your total cost would be Rs.5000.

Same way if Indian use Indian products manufactured in Indian factory by Indian labour then those Indian money stay’s in India or otherwise Indian money goes to China if we buy Chinese products.

Hope in reality its that Simple, now don’t supposed it, just think how can you Make India proud again