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GripYoga-Meditation Buckwheat Hulls Filling Bolster Pillow-Blue


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6 in stock

  • Brand: Grip
  • Generic Name: Bolster Pillow
  • Color: Blue
  • -:Key Features:-
  • Made up of 100% Cotton :  Grip Bolster outer covers are designed to give utmost comfort, thus are made up of 100% printed cotton fabric.
  • Invisible Zip Opening :  The invisible zip opening adds to the aesthetic appeal of the bolster, which makes it comfortable to use.
  • Wash & Care Instructions : Grip bolsters outer cover must be detached and can be easily washed with hands or in the washing machine. Do not bleach, line dry. Warm iron if needed.
  • Eco-Friendly & Made in India : Grip bolster are filled with buckwheat hulls, and outer fabric is cotton and both of them are eco-friendly.
  • Filling : Buckwheat Hulls
  • Fabric Type :Printed Cotton Fabric
  • Product Dimensions : 59 x 21.5 x 21.5 Centimeters
  • Weight : 4.2 Kgs
  • In Package: 1 Bolster Pillow
  • Origin : Made In India

Grip Yoga Bolsters are highly useful and practical for performing different yogic asanas and poses. They support your body and help to rejuvenate your muscles and organs. These bolsters are highly comfortable and ease up your pain. You can use them for providing bodily support and enhancing the blood circulation level.

Usage of Grip Yoga Bolsters
  • Restorative Asanas: Whenever you are performing restorative poses, these bolsters can be used to provide additional support and enhance your posture. These can be used to support your back, legs or hips. Indeed , when you are performing a backbend or knee bend, these bolsters can provide comfort and ease up the extra pain. Also, they open up your chest muscles and other body parts. These postures improve your digestion process and enhance metabolism.
  • Inversion Postures: Performing inverted postures with legs up and head down can be very stressful or painful. You can place the grip yoga bolsters below your back or beneath your legs or neck. They ease up the pain and put less strain over your body.
  • Heart Chakra Opener: This posture opens up and relaxes your spine, shoulders, chest and other muscles. For performing this, one must place the bolster behind the body touching the lower back. Slowly and gradually try placing your head over the bolster and rest your back over it. Leave your arms to lose by the side and feel the opening of muscles of chest and shoulders.

Benefits of using a Grip Yoga Bolster

  • Relaxation: Grip Yoga Bolsters help to relax your body and ease your muscles. They are the right choice to lessen up the pain and revitalize your arms, back and legs. You can place these grip yoga bolsters down your neck or lower back and observe the change. They help to open up muscles and rejuvenate your body by assisting you while performing different asanas and gestures.
  • Body Support: Grip Yoga Bolsters are known to provide support and strength to your body. They can easily support your entire torso. They can also be used to support legs, lower back and neck. You can use them to perform many different asanas. They support your body postures.
  • Posture: Grip Yoga Bolsters are used for many types of restorative asanas. They help to improve your posture and enhance your bodily movement. You can use these bolsters to provide support while performing different kinds of postures. You can place it under your lower back or hips and alleviate your spinal pain. These bolsters help in rehabilitation and support of different body structures like legs, arms, neck and spine.
  • Circulation Of Blood: As they enhance and improve your posture, they also enhance the blood circulation in the body. It allows the body to open up and loosen, which enhances the blood flow to the various organs of your body.
  • Reduce Swelling: Swelling and inflammation occurs in our body due to strenuous exercises, wear and tear and several other motions. Using yoga Bolsters can scientifically help to reduce the swelling over the affected area as it would provide a support surface and also reduce inflammation. Actually, it relaxes our body and helps in proper blow flow.
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