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Synerveda-Herbal Weight Loss Tea-50 gm

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  • Brand: Synerveda
  • Generic Name: Herbal Tea
  • Weight: 50 gm
  • Container: Pouch
  • Ingredients:Green Tea (Camellia sinensis) | White Willow Bark | Garcinia Cambogia | Ephedra |Vasaka |Sida Cordifolia
  • -: Benefits :-
  • Synerveda Weight Loss Tea is a blend of naturally invigorating herbs and blended botanicals
  • It works synergistically to improve your body’s Fat burning capacity by enhancing metabolism, reducing appetite, and enhancing energy levels
  • It helps boost stamina and endurance aiding you to expend more energy and burn calories faster
  • In Package : 50 gm Synerveda’s  Herbal Weight Loss Tea
  • Origin : Made In India



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5 in stock

The human body is a complex biological structure with a very simplified working process. Biologically, your body is made up of 7 Systems i.e. Circulatory,  Digestive,  Respiratory,  Muscles and Skin, Reproductive,  Neuronal and Skeletal

Each of these systems function independently, yet in tandem with each other. An imbalance in one of these systems could affect the functioning of others. For example, if the body is suffering from a condition in the circulatory system, like a blockage in the cardiovascular system, blood circulation is slowed down, which affects oxygen transport to the body. This taxes your respiratory system to work harder, and if continued to do so, could affect the harmony of its functioning. Also, with lowered oxygen supply, your brain and other organs cannot function optimally. This could relate to psychological disturbances that might even be expressed emotionally. Often times, the resultant symptoms could be expressed more prominently, and is treated promptly with medication, therapy, drugs or surgery.

While the underlying root cause, could still be untreated.Most natural sciences, such as Ayurveda, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Siddha sciences, etc. study and analyze the body in terms of ‘energy’ flow. Energy here does not primarily mean some unseen ‘magical’ quality, but the flow and ebb of vital fluids, such as Blood, Lymph, etc.Every individual has his or her own unique pattern and synchrony of energetic flow within his/her body. According to Ayurveda, our bodies are composed of the same ethereal constituents that form the 5 basic elements of Nature; which are: Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Ether. These elements exist within us, in a balanced state. Any upset in this balance affects the synchronized flow of the various energy gradients within us.

A Doctor of Natural Science, such as Ayurveda or homeopathy is trained to analyze which systems are affected, with the help of pulse readings , heart beat patterns, symptomatic conditions, etc.Once the root cause of your condition is ascertained, one can work toward healing, regenerating and restructuring your body and its functional elements by using the principles of various disciplines of natural sciences or combination therapies, as required.Now that you understand this modality of your body, try to picture what happens inside your body when you try to treat an upset or imbalance with chemical drugs. Chemicals that are synthesized to carry out a certain function are fast and very effective. Nonetheless, these are ‘foreign materials’ to your body, and as long as they are present in you, your symptoms may have subsided, but the imbalance still remains, and as long as it does, your natural state of being is disrupted.

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